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Pirates invaded my Ped Party! (and it rocked)

Last week, Emil and I came up with our first crazy experiment for changing our everyday lives in a world without oil. The first thing we decided to change? How we have fun on Friday nights!

We both organized Ped Parties on our respective coasts. There's only one rule for a Ped Party, and it's very simple: you have to walk (be a pedestrian) or bike (pedal pedal pedal!) to the party, both ways. Only human fuel allowed!

However, planning a Ped Party is a little more complicated than getting to one. You have to figure out how far each person you want to invite is willing to walk or bike. Then you have to plot their prospective party radius on a map based on where they live, and see where the most circles overlap, and then scout out fun locations in that area. THEN you can tell everyone where to show up!

Emil had a much easier time than I had with this, because he lives in a city that's only 7 miles by 7 miles total, so most everyone could get anywhere with a little effort. I, however, live in the suburbs of Philadelphia (Jersey side), and guess what? I could barely get ANYONE to overlap in their potential party circles! I had to ask everyone to almost double what they were willing to walk or bike (up to a minimum of 2.5 miles) and my dear friends Nat and Mel actually biked 7 and 8 miles each, respectively, which is ridiculous or amazing or maybe both, but we bought them a lot of free food, so it all worked out. Here they are appreciating free food and drink:

Anyway, after I drew up the map with people's prospective walking and biking distances, I  wound up having to choose a rather unlikely location - a German restaurant I'd never been to before.

Everyone was supposed to meet up there at 8 but based on actual average walking and biking speeds, people showed up in small bunches staggered two hours apart! It actually became a fun kind of game, guessing who would walk through the doors next knowing how far they were coming from and whether they were walking or biking (or roller blading -- an exception I made for my co-worker Jason!) We wound up with 17 people at the Ped Party, which was not bad for a first try!

Anyway, turns out this restaurant was also hosting some kind of a Pirate Party. I kid you not. We didn't know that 'til we go there. So my friends and I hung out , somewhat sweat from how we got there, with folks in full pirate gear. I tried to discreetly take some photos, but they didn't turn out so great because I thought it might be rude to be taking tons of flash photos of the pirates like they were freaks, when really, they were actually pretty cool! Check it out:

There was even a pirate band who played all night. You can hear them - but not see them - in this Official Ped Party video. That's 'cause the lighting was so dark.

What I can say for sure: I never would have had this kind of Friday night without my crazy experiment, so I will chalk this one up as a big success. But what about you guys. I want to hear from someone else who throws a Ped Party! Tell me how it went!
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