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Mission: Local food

I need something to keep me from feeling sorry for myself. Can y'all help?

Here's what ya do:

- You post a picture of yourself buying or picking local food. Hit up your backyard garden or the local farmer's market. Or the local farmer, for that matter.
- Take along a WorldWithoutOil.com sign and make sure it's in your pic.
- Then take a picture of the excellent vittles you produce with what you purchased or picked or plucked. Post.
- Don't forget to submit it to the WWO site and put a link to it in a comment on this post.
- Extra credit for recipes!

Things are rough here, but I'm sure we have it better than some of the other folks. We didn't get much from the storm, really. Not like a couple of years ago when all the trees blew down. Resources are tight, but we're not going hungry. Well, too hungry. The local ranchers are actually trying to train their cattle to pull plows, which is both funny and sad to watch. Mostly sad.

So yeah, cheer me up, please! There may even be a little something in it for the most creative folks.
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