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harpier cries

pachinko_chance in worldwithoutoil

Thank You

Thank you

I am currently sitting at the public library, wearing just a few more layers than what this city requires this time of year. I am hoping it won't take too long to thaw out.

We had a freakishly-beautiful snowfall last night. I went out in it and listened to it collecting in little drifts. Snow sounds like awesome. The bus lurched its way to the hardware store in record time. I picked up some caulk. I became a super handygirl and sealed up the draftybits in my place. There is now an intricate scheme whereby I close some vents or open others, based on where my place needs the most heat. My home is a moving block puzzle, click clack, snap.

The streets are very quiet. Le nest egg is mostly untouched, because I feel like I might have to be ready soon to start building up stores of things, of creating space where there's sunlight so that I can begin to provide for myself. A retail paycheck leaves little wiggle room, but I know how to scrimp.

I have become assimilated: all I've been thinking about lately is food miles, and energy consumption. Snuck up on a ladder and switched out the apartment building's hallway bulbs the other night. Beheh.

The train tracks worry me. The Blue Line is an old lady, shaking her cane, but she is trembling with uncertainty.

There was another derailment the other day. 5 injured.

Floatin' above the land, there is despair waiting. Walking, biking, sharing on the surface, we're holding it back.

At least, I hope so.

OK, time to catch the bus back to work.

Take care, everyone.


Be well, my dear. Be safe. Be happy.

June 2007


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