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Crazy Experiment #1: Throw a Ped Party!

Emil and I cooked up our first innovation experiment. We're running it ourselves this weekend, on opposite coasts of course, and we're passing it on to you guys, too. 

We've been talking a lot about all of the bad stuff this oil shock is leading to. Maybe we should try to lighten it up a little. Who says you can't have fun in a world without oil?

Our idea is called Ped Parties, and here's how it works.

1. You and a friend (or two) (or a bunch) decide to throw a Ped Party. Pick a date and time, but not a place--yet.

2. Make up a guest list. Email each guest and ask them to report their home address, and how far they are wiling to Ped to get to the party. Guests can be a Pedestrian and walk, or they can Pedal on their bike. No transportation that uses anything other than human fuel allowed! So find out exactly how far each guest is willing to Ped to get to the Party.

3. Once you've collected all your guests data, plot Potential Party circles on a map. Here's how you do that: pinpoint where each guest lives, and then draw a radius for each guest representing the distance they are willing to Ped to. You're looking for the place where the most potential party circles overlap!

4. Go scout the locations that are within Ped distance of the maximum number of your guests. Pick a party spot somewhere in those locations. It might be someplace weird, or random, public or private! Who knows where you'll find up having a blast?

5.  Email your guests where to go. And remind them: only walking or biking allowed to a Ped Party!

It's that simple!

So who's throwing a Ped Party? I want details! (Bonus points if you show me your map, and super bonus points for photos or videos from the party!)
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