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May. 29th, 2007




It was bound to happen sometime.

I met a girl. A female girl. The kind of girl I've always wanted to meet. I dig her, she digs me. We've both been so busy during this crisis that we've spent weeks together before realizing that there's a spark there. Well, really more of a wildfire. But anyway.

So she and I were talking the other day about what things are going to be like down the road. Lord help me, we were talking about children. No, we're not to that stage yet, it was just rhetorical conversation. Really. And we wondered if this was the kind of world that we'd bring up our kids in. What if this happens again? Sure, we're starting to pull out of it now, but will people remember how bad it was? Will they pretend it was just a one-time deal?

You should see all the geologists around here, thick as thieves. My folks said they haven't been drilling wells like this in South Texas since the 80s. Buncha optimism. It's a little scary. I'm frightened that entropy or enthalpy or whatever the heck it was we learned about in high school chemistry will take over and we're just going to slide back to where we were. But I'm not going to let that happen to me.

Although we're rural here, we've established strong ties. Those who had no supplies bartered services with those who did. The bartering system has worked out so well that I think we're going to keep it up. Not only that, but we've met so many of our neighbors now and have built strong bonds with them. We won't let them get into trouble in the future. I see a lot of people saying the same things on their blogs and videos, and it does my heart good. Keep it up, y'all.

Got a date tonight. I'm cooking for her. Venison medallions and pumpkin soup. All stuff I've harvested myself. I haven't had pre-packaged store food in months, thankfully! But I sure am learning to cook a mean meal.

What have you learned since April?

May. 28th, 2007



Warm as a summer's day

OK, Inky, it took some doing but I made a video. :)  I hope Uncle Frank likes what we did with it! Mostly I was thinking about building community, and what we need to do to stay attached to other people.

Summer seems like such a distant memory now, but watching the images of  that day makes me feel all warm inside.

What makes you warm inside? Show us!

May. 25th, 2007



Get out the cameras! SHO ME TIME

i am liking very much what Illiana_Speedster said, that people should get out their camera s and lets see photos of gardens and neighbors and friends and especially WWO stuff. i LOVE this phohto of Grace And Her Mom and mr lead_tag is showing us working horses. ANd of course me and mom did some work showing you one of our friends going to pick up veggies on her bicycle. and jootbooner's wife went walking and VladimatorMushuPork talks about how teens suffer too ! RIGHT ON. its great because it is the POSTIVE STUFF that mPathytest was talking about. Cmon peeps you can do it!

May. 23rd, 2007

Gala_Teah, Bekah, lips


The Inky_J Efficiency Challenge

Energy Flow Trends 2002
So my daughter is angry again, no surprise there - lot of people are angry these days, they've cut to the bone and fuel prices are STILL killing them. She is angry, however, at us (you, me, everyone older than 16) because of this chart.

Now there are a lot of things that are interesting about this chart, but the thing that has got her spitting mad - I am not joking about this - is the gray area, the LOST ENERGY. According to the chart, over 60% of our energy here in the U.S. is lost, i.e., it actually serves no useful purpose, does no work, transports nothing, accomplishes nothing.

She can't fathom how we would make a system that is so wasteful, then kill one another etc. rather than make it (or remake it) to be more efficient. And this is doubly true since she is also following the climate change situation and of course, to be destroying the planet to generate energy that no one uses strikes her as something worth being angry about.

So here is my challenge. I know we have challenges aplenty, but: (1) tell me how and why this energy is being lost and (2) propose some ways we can reduce that waste. I'll give out my Carboneers for the best responses. Hurry, please, this household's harmony depends on you.


Worth a Thousand Words

And maybe a Carboneer award.

Go put a photo up.  I did.

May. 22nd, 2007



Mission hints

♥ The number is just that: one number.

♥ This number is unique to me, and I am intensely curious to see what your numbers are, and what you can do with them.

♥ Because of my circumstances, my number will likely remain constant for at least a little while longer. It's been the same since long before April 30th.

Any ideas?

May. 21st, 2007



Math Is Hard

math is hard

Hey, I have a mission for you.

It's sort of split in two, like my moods have been, lately. :P

The first part of the mission is to figure out what this number is. Once you've got that, e-mail me at pachinko.chance (at) gmail . c0m to see if you've sussed it out. (I totally give out hints, don't worry)

The second part of the mission is to make your own image - make it like a poster, or a mysterious postcard, or a calling card by which you will proclaim your own number.

Submit your mission to the WWO-org-a-licious site, and be sure to tag it with words like mission, and math is hard.

Ready, set, go!


Seeing the good - finally

I don’t believe in destiny. I’ll get that out of the way.


It was just random synchronicity that Emil wandered by that box of free lemons last week at exactly the same time that Gracesmom started working on her epic post about how the Tide is Turning and the Time is Now and The Generation Beyond Oil and all that– you know, the post that the media has been quoting non-stop as evidence that it’s grassroots movements and not the government that is going to get us out of this mess. (Go, Sharon!)


And it was just by chance, a fluke really, that she was talking about making lemonade out of metaphorical lemons at the same moment Emil was using all those literal lemons to make, okay not lemonade, but lemon yogurt and lemon sorbet and lemon chicken …  well, that’s close enough to be an eerie coincidence. Made me do a mental double-take.


Don’t get me wrong. I know that the WWO sign Emil saw sitting by the box wasn’t actually a sign. Not in the grand, what’s the meaning of life sense of the word, anyway.


But still. When I woke up today and saw Gracemom’s post… when it really hit me, all those signs that she has collected from you already that people out there are remaking a better civilization in the wake of the shock…


And when I thought about how much that small gesture of a neighbor sharing a backyard harvest, and how it instantly changed Emil’s sense of what was possible…


We’ll, I don’t believe in destiny, but as of today, you can count me as a believer in change. The big change. I believe the worst is over. The signs are all around us. We are finally waking up from our nightmare.


Maybe that sounds naïve. I know I’ve been stupidly optimistic in the past. Back when we were just getting started, I was babbling on this blog and in our manifestos about how we could avoid all of the bad stuff and get to the new, better way of life with hardly any hardship. Expecting like an idiot for the swarm commuters and the biomimetic neighborhoods to just pop up overnight, waiting for the reports of Instant! Magic! Innovation! Worldwide! I was totally blindside by how bad it became so fast. God, I was devastated.


So maybe I have been waiting for a sign. Waiting to be right about the opportunity the 2007 Oil Shock really was. A gift in disguise, maybe? A chance to re-design our lives and our communities, slowly but surely?


I think you’re ready to see the signs, too.


After all, you guys have already proven that you’re sharp seers, watchers, observers, reporters. You’ve been documenting everything you’ve seen around you for the past 20+ weeks, and you have been unbelievably good at it.


Maybe the mainstream media wants to focus on the gloom and doom, prey on our fears, keep us focused on chaos and paralyzed with our initial shock– after all, even without oil, there’s still ratings. But you know better now. You know where to look to see the new, the better. And if you aren’t seeing it yet, then you at least have ideas about what you want to see, what you need so see.


So let's start a new discussion. What are you seeing that makes you optimistic?


And if you’re not seeing enough of the new and the better yet, then let’s start problem solving. What plan would you propose for your part of the world?


Think about it this way. Could you bring the oil prices down where you live, just by changing how you and your neighbors lived your everyday lives? What would it take to create equilibrium again where you live? Tell us about it.

May. 20th, 2007

Gala_Teah, Bekah, lips


Poll: Your Losses (Gains?)

Let's compare the official numbers with a poll of our own. Tell us:

(1) How much money have you lost since April 30? Tell us the top reasons: Paid out in fuel surcharges? Lost income? Lost property?

(2) How much less fuel do you use since April 30?

(3) Has your quality of life declined or increased? What are the top reasons?

Post your answers as a comment. NOTE: this blog open for all readers to comment.
dessum9, toughguy


Heads Will Roll?

You've probably all heard about the GAO investigations into "resource resiliency" and "set-asides." It looks like Congress will begin their own investigations next week, so I think the circus has begun and woe to the expendable minor officials who dipped into the oil stream with too heavy a hand. Let the scapegoating begin!

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